Contact Information

Our customers are important to us, and we love to hear from them. Call or e-mail for questions, comments, or any kind of feedback.

Please note that our normal operating hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

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Street & Mailing Address

Berg Activewear
852 Dexter Road Suite A
Corinna, Maine 04928

Phone & Email

General Phone: 207.278.7740
General Fax: 207.278.7745  

Main Office x231
Screen Printing Dept. x231
Embroidery Dept. x230
Art Department x225

Driving Directions

From I-95, take exit #157 (Newport) and head North on Route 7. Stay on Route 7 for approximate 10.7 miles, passing through the towns of Newport and Corinna. Berg Activewear will be visible as two large silver-colored buildings on the left side of the road.

How To Submit Your Artwork

The best way for us to receive your artwork is 'CAMERA-READY' which means we don't have to make any changes. Hard copy prints or a computer file works best; if your work is truly camera-ready there will be no art charges. For best results, customer's artwork should be clear, sharp, black and white, and the exact size you want printed for quality reproduction. We cannot be responsible for the quality of reproduction unless the proper artwork is supplied. Please remember that the reproduction can be no better than the artwork supplied.

Click here for more information on submitting your artwork (PDF file).

Camera Ready means:

A nice crisp black and white copy that we can scan directly into computer WITH NO CHANGES!! These include; Good Photo-Copies, Good computer print-outs from either a laser printer or Good ink-jet printer. Be Careful of fine lines and half-tones. Reduction or enlargement of any artwork or logos results in loss of detail and the quality of the finished product is not as good as the original. We can usually add some text at no charge.

Click here for more infromation on the fonts we have available (PDF file).

Computer Files:

We accept .EPS, .CDR, .DFX, .CMX, .AI and .PDF files.

These are "Vector" formats and are the Ultimate best way to get your design quickly and easily with no art charges. Be careful with fonts! Make sure to include all fonts! Full color digital pictures such as JPEG's BMP's, do not work! Black and White high resolution JPEG's, BMP's and TIF's will work OK, provided your print request is for one color ink only.

Drawings and Sketches:

Are OK if black and white and are dark enough; shading and fine lines are OK but to be avoided. We can print these works with darker T-Shirt inks like BLACK, NAVY, and MAROON, etc. Lighter colored T-Shirt Inks such as WHITE, GOLD and ORANGE will not work as well with fine detail.

Screen print:

This artwork had to be reduced by approximately 50% to fit the layout; problems developed while reducing the artwork. In the 1st reduction, although the white portion of the art is only half as wide, it will still reproduce well. Even with screen printing the design is still readable although the finer white areas are beginning to fill in and some fine white areas within the art does not reproduce well. In the 2nd reduction (25%), the white design becomes indistinct and does not show up well, especially when screen printed. To avoid problems with artwork of this type remember that each reduction will reduce overall art size, all lines and all detail. Any white areas (such as lines or inverted designs) within the artwork will become smaller and will be lost. Please remember; if we have to re-work your artwork you will be charged!

Signatures on backs of shirts:

Same guidelines as drawings and sketches; Make sure the kids sign using a nice DARK BLACK pen, a sharpie ultra fine point works best. Do not use pencils or green or blue pens!! Keep on 81/2 by 11 paper.


Art charges will apply if we have to type in 10 or more Sponsors that are just text. If using actual logos, we will scan up to 4 at no charge (assuming they are camera ready).

The best way to get us sponsors and not have art charges is to get us camera ready art (see above) or get us the proper computer file. This also insures that all sponsors are spelled correctly. There is a lot of work in doing sponsors on backs of shirts. Changes are common, if you call in and add on more sponsors after we've made the artwork or screen you will be charged accordingly.

Faxes, Business Cards, Menus, Town Reports Etc.:

These are good to give us an idea of what you want but they are not considered "Camera Ready" artwork. They are usually "jagged" and rough. There is usually about 15-30 minutes of artwork time involved in working with these types of designs. If they are real easy to work with than there will be no art charges; please contact our art department for clarification.

Art charges will apply in the following cases: Typing in 10 or more sponsors or excessive work with several sponsor logos. Cleaning up customer provided artwork. Logo or artwork design from scratch. Scanning more than 4 sponsor's logos (assuming they are camera ready).

Artwork Instructions

To enable better communications about your artwork needs; please provide us with as much detailed information as possible re: colors, fonts, and overall design. Thank you.

For any unusual and/or unique items you would like printed on, please contact us.