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There's always something new going on at Berg Activewear, from tradeshows to holiday parties and everything in between. Be sure to check this page often for all the latest news and events.

Good Luck Zack

One of our printers, Zack, is on to bigger and better things, he's starting college! Good luck in all that you do.


Saying Goodbye to Two

Happy Birthday Beth

Get Fit Studio

 Get Fit Studio Newport, Maine

The Legend Bob Ellison has shifted gears from racing to printing @ Berg Activewear

Happy Easter 2019

We have a new printer in town!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Taylor Smith

Great Spring AG Show 2019! Berg ladies say thank you to all our customers & your continued business!

Having a barrel of laughs with Ol' Uncle Bobby!

Norma Celebrating 30 Years of Employment at Berg Activewear

Celebrating Mom's 90th Birthday

Customer puts on his own finishing touch!

Remembering Our Dog Shirts

Kids Having Fun Learning to Print!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Berg Activewear Spreading the Love!!

Happy Birthday Heather & Norma!!!

Tree Festival

Norma learning to Print!

New Shirts for the Girls!

Merry Christmas from Berg Activewear

12-07-18 Berg Activewear employees enjoyed a day of celebration including a pot luck lunch, the Wheel of Berg where many prizes were won by all, and even a yankee gift swap!

Berg Sportswear gear up to raise money for Breast Cancer
Corinna Days Parade 2012 Celebrating Pirate Days
AG Show Fall 2018

Happy Halloween from Berg Activewear

AG Show


Josh Harvery

Kidney Crusaders


CRUSADERS!!! It wasn't enough that she shared her spare

but to run a half maraton.... this girl really is a



     Nate is enjoying his new Press!!!!

Our Prayers have been answered!!! **TEAM HUSSEY** #SHAREYOURSPARE


This week Heather and Bob's nephew needed to have a kidney transplant, his angel of a sister in law gladly agreed to give hers!! After hours of being on edge and the whole family being worried, Both came through and are doing well!!

China Clippers

Trudy's Girls

The Berg Ladies meeting History Channel's Zachery Fowler!

Unloading Day at Bergs!

Basketball Tournaments are here!

Berg's purchase Bear's One Stop!

Halloween Fun! 10/31/2016

Havin a little fun at the AGNE show !! 3/16/2016

Bob's 50th Birthday Party!!

AG of New England Show in New Hampshire 2015



AG of New England Show in New Hampshire 2012
Bridal Shower for the soon to be MRS. PERKINS!!!

Howie Carr Book Signing 03-03-12

Bob's 50th Birthday
Berg Sportswear's Donation to The National Breast Cancer Foundation
Supporting David McKusick

Thank You - From Heather Berg

I want to thank each and every person who participated in the celebration of my 50th birthday party. I am so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends in my life. I had a wonderful time, reminiscing, and enjoying everyone’s company.
 I especially want to thank my husband & daughter for making this possible and for giving me another beautiful memory that I will never forget.
Special thanks go out to my wonderful parents as well; my Mom being 81 and my Dad being 84 for always being there for me and always being the rock of our family.

Thank you Aunt Janet and Uncle George for all the support you've given us through the years.

Also a special “Thank-you” to Barb's Village Square Restaurant in Corinna for hosting this celebration and providing world class food and service to the 50 + guests who attended.
Love and gratitude always,
Heather Berg

Touchdowns For Bronson
Remembering Bronson Caldwell
Walk to Benefit American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

On August 29, 2011 the unthinkable happened to my family and I - at the young age of 20, my youngest son Bronson, became a victim of suicide. Needless to say, the next few weeks were difficult to explain to anyone who had not experienced the devastation. The Berg's were there for my family and I from the moment they heard the horrible news and they continue to be there for us today. Heather went above and beyond to see that t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and football flags were designed and created by the staff of Berg's Sportswear in memory of my beloved son Bronson. "Touchdowns for Bronson" was imprinted on each article of clothing, and the items were delivered in advance of the annual homecoming football game, which Bronson had played in throughout his high school years. The Berg's also imprinted 200 bracelets with the words, "Remembering Bronson", and made them available to be passed out at the homecoming game.
Shortly after the homecoming game, I was informed that a local walk was planned to raise money for the 'American Foundation for Suicide Prevention'. Though the pain I was feeling at the time, and still feel today was/is very "raw", I felt that by forming a team and raising money for the cause, I would be paying tribute to my son. I spoke with Heather and asked if it would be possible to get more t-shirts for those participating in the walk with me. Within a couple of days, 20 or more shirts were donated in time for the walk. Heather also arrived on the morning of the walk to offer her support. 

I didn't know what to expect on the day of the walk. I was still in a mental daze from the previous 2 months. After arriving at the walk site, I was pleased to see so many people there in support of all the mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters and other family and friends who carry the burden of losing someone they love to suicide. I began to understand that the walk wasn't only to raise money but also to raise awareness. It helped to listen to others who had experienced the same loss as me, and that I was not alone in my grief. Today, as time passes and the healing begins ever so slowly, I am faced with the fact that suicide is not something that many can talk about. It makes people feel uncomfortable, which is exactly why the awareness walks are so critical in reaching out to people and conveying the message that it's okay to talk about suicide, and it's okay to share feelings with others. If enough people are able to do this, then perhaps a suicide can be prevented. If we can begin to communicate these feelings, perhaps we can help others that may be faced with the difficult consideration of whether life is worth living. One thing is clear however, suicide touches all walks of life and we must break down the barriers and the feelings of guilt and shame and speak up when we need to be heard and actively listen when someone has something to say.
I was fortunate enough to have an extended support group of family, friends, and colleagues by my side on the day of the race. Thanks to their support, and the graciousness of my employer, who matched all donations, I was able to raise over $1,500 dollars in less than two weeks for this important cause. I will forever be grateful for the generosity extended to my family and I by the Berg's and others; some who were complete strangers, during the darkest days I will ever endure.
Respectfully submitted - Renea Qua


For more information or to help support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, please visit their website at